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Rules and Contact a Mod

Hello all and once again welcome to cumberbatchkids.

This post serves a place holder - for the rules and a place to get ahold of one of the mods/owner/maintainers.

Should you need help, have any questions. Make a comment to this post and someone will get back to you.
If it is urgent please feel free to send a message to: desert_sage(Comm Owner) and he will answer as soon as he can!

Here are a list of guidelines for the community.
Basic Guidelines For You and Your Fellow Comm Members

  • BE KIND:No flaming, trolling, bashing or harassing anyone for any reason

  • USE LJ CUTS: For long posts, multiple pictures, Mature content especially.

  • HIDE SPOILERS: Hide them all at all costs. Not doing so will get your post deleted.

Making cumberbatchkids easier to use

  • USE TAGS: Use the appropiate tags: LIST OF TAGS Should you not know which tag to use or you think there isn't one for your particular post use the tag !Tag For Me and someone will get it tagged correctly.

  • DON'T DELETE COMMENTS: Don't delete, remove, edit the comments on your posts. Let the maintainers and mods take care of the ones that truely need to be deleted.

  • ICON POSTS: If you intend to post Icons or graphics. You may show 3 icons as a preview or 1 larger graphic. The rest must be placed behind a cut. If that is not followed the post may be deleted.

These are the current rules/guildelines they may change or be added on to at anytime, especially as the community grows.
If you think we need to add something to these rules, write it in a comment below.
Should you have any questions about any of these guideline, ask in a comment below.
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